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Future Roots Cooperative

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About Us

Making Change Possible

We are the Future Roots Cooperative, a locally-focused, not-for-profit, eco-collective.  We want to change the way you think about landscaping, planting (both indoor and outdoor) and the interconnectedness between food waste and healthy soil.  


Future Roots is a collection of 4 businesses from Eastern Ontario, each with a specialized and complimentary passion for how people can interact sustainably in their everyday environment.


The Box of Life - Akil helps people build healthy soil using waste from both homes and businesses.

Rewild Landscapes - Jeff’s specialty is sustainable landscape design with a focus on invasive species management.

Radical Roots - Kristen is passionate about the reintroduction of native species to yards and landscapes.

Sweetlife Flora - Kristin understands the relationship between plants, the home and your mental health. 


Our primary focus is on education; re-training your brain to reimagine what your indoor and outdoor environment will look like with healthy, natural soil, native planting and, of course, beautiful designs that serve to boost both your mental and physical health.

Contact Us

Contact us with your Future Roots project ideas.

We are specifically interested in:

Improving Soil Health

Remediating and Rewilding Contaminated Spaces

Rewilding Suburban Landscaping

Sustainable Community Gardening

Removing of Invasive Species (ex. Lawns) from Urban Spaces

Reintroduction of Native Species in Urban Spaces

Opportunities to Educate about Sustainability

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